Thursday, May 06, 2010

Please update your blogrolls and links...

As you can see we haven't used this site for a while now. But I noticed we're still getting quite a few hits, fortunately you can still catch up with us on a few other blogs/sites.

Check them out and update your links!

The Toofly Experience
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Thanks x

Tuesday, November 18, 2008


Soooo you may have noticed that the layout of the blog has changed a little... kmt... I really thought I was a computer whizkid... trying to jazz up the site but as you can clearly see... that did not happen!

I logged out thinking that if I left it for a few weeks... it would kinda go back to the way it was... err nah! Sorrryyyy my fellow divas... I admit full responsibility for this travesty... don't trust me with a computer!

I can barely look at this blog without throwing up in my mouth and in that spirit created a new blog... check it out here... myself and Miss TooFly are on the blog with a few new members... a new start ey! Lol!

Still waving the Toofly Experience flag and forever upholding our AfroDivas!

Love ya

- Gabrielle

Friday, September 12, 2008


... I take it 'summer' is over! I've had enough... I'm moving!!

You think the Prince of Zamunda will have room for me in his palace?? lol... (I am still in love with Eddie Murphy in that film)

- Gabrielle

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Quick Run Down

Wow...I have'nt been on this for a while.
I felt the urge to drop by, but im not really sure why. Lol.

I really wanted this summer to be filled with lots of adventure and rebellious activity. Instead it was filled with awkward guys, folywang moments and loads of work :-(
Actually it was'nt all bad, I realised I have some of the funniest and most loyal friends EVER!

My internship still rocks, I swear they love really. There's one colleague in particular that has mentioned on more than one occasion that she would like to adopt me. Its always good to know that if my mum steps out of line I have options...It's always good to have options.

I've decided to escape from the plantation (my part-time job), I've not been happy for some time and Massa is starting to get on my bloody nerves. He's so incompetent and I often wonder who he slept with to become manager SMH
My only ray of sunshine (he'll love that description) is Mo the security guard...I swear he is pure comedy. From his highly exaggerated tales of being a ladies man in Nigeria and his thoughts on my fellow plantation workers he keeps me in stitches for most the day.
But even this is'nt enough to keep me working in the field...'Give me free!'

- SistaLova

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Err... I'm back! I guess! Lol

OK... this blog has lacked its usual (my bad)!!

I've finished university now, I am officially a graduate! Yaayyyy!! Having been catapulted into the real world without any preparation ( was supposed to be the 'preparation' but it wasn't) has now left me working in a bank. *sigh*... Can't I catch a break!! The 9-5 work ethic has demolished my social life and for this reason I have had no desire to write on the blog. But as you all know me very well... my life without drama is like cereal without milk, lasagne with no cheese, Jay-Z with no Beyonce... it just doesn't happen!

I moved back home and I felt like as soon as I dropped all my bags the drama had begun. People were finding out that I was back and everyone wanted to hang out like old times. This wasn't the problem for me, I love socialising, I love to laugh, so I knew that being around my old friends would bring back old, fun memories but what I didn't anticipate was the 'change' in some people. Don't get me wrong 'change' is good... I mean everyone changes... you have to... if you're not changing, you're not growing and life without growth is... well its pointless!! To be totally honest, I know that I've changed, moving away from the city really helped calm down that 'hype' attitude I once possessed but now I just find myself feeling uncomfortable around some of my friends. The drama surrounding this 'change' is too detailed to describe but it was emotional... I've had to part ways with those I thought I would grow old with and it is sad but life goes on!

The drama surrounding my love life is much more comical... being approached by guys who I feel lack ambition tends to 'kill' any positive mood! At first, I used to think that setting standards made a person superficial, even shallow but now I realise that standards are essential. In regards to the standards a guy must possess to be considered as a potential, my requirements are clear and concise:

- he must be a Christian
- physical requirements bear some importance - the guy must look like he has showered
- he must have ambition, he has to know what he wants to accomplish in life
- he must be able to hold a conversation
- he must be sane
- he must have a sense of humour
- he must be able to control his temper
- he should appreciate an independent woman

Those are the requirements I can think of right now, some women have similar requirements it all depends on what they deem most important. All I'm saying is why do I get approached by guys who don't meet any of these requirements... I'm not asking for Tyson Beckford (even though I did in a previous post, I have matured), I'm not asking for Morris Chestnut. I'm asking for someone who has the same morals as I do, who has the same attitude to life as I do. I've worked hard on being successful, I've worked hard trying to make the most out of life, being the best that I can be... so why should I settle for someone who has never done anything productive with theirs, who really has no concern for their future, who basically doesn't give a damn!!

I have standards but I'm justified for having those standards, so can someone please tell Dwayne from down the road that my name is not Kamiesha (sorry if that is your name) and it is less than likely that I will 'come and jam in his drum'... kmt!! Can you also tell Uncle John that I am too young for him, his wife and kids are at home waiting for him to bring them their dinner and can you let Jeremiah (Mr I Think I'm God's Gift) know that all the lines he's used before may have worked but I am not THAT GIRL... try harder!! Better yet, don't even bother!! Life ey!!

Woooooo... glad I got that off my chest!!

Feels good to be back!

- Gabrielle

Monday, May 12, 2008

She's here!! She's finally here!!

Its here!! Summer is officially here!! How I've been waiting for her to grace us with her presence... I just hope its not a brief visit. My exams aren't done until mid June (yes...I know!!)... I just hope she stays around for longer this time... last year was so disappointing... she could make it up to me this year... I'd be ever so grateful!!

Enjoy summer... while she's around anyway!!

- Gabrielle

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Last Time

I’m obsessing over Trey Songz’ latest single ‘Last Time’ – I’m in love with it. I’m always singing it and just recently added it to my iPod so you know it’s on repeat. His smooth voice lingers over every word and you just can’t help but picture the scenario he’s painting… the video helps too!! So, I’ve listened to this song more than 30 times already despite the fact that I only added it to my iTunes two days ago!!

I couldn’t help thinking about sections of the song…
‘Your love is so so serious,
You keep me comin’ back babe…

…She just don’t deserve this
Aint nobody perfect
But I just can’t take no more
I’m living two different lives…

…Even though this ain’t right,
I just can’t get enough
But the way you put it down.’

Is this why guys cheat? E.g. a conversation I had with a friend about the ‘Harvey and Alesha’ situation (if you don’t know already, read about it here) and my friend said ‘it’s not that he didn’t like Alesha, he just probably had better sex with Javine!’ My argument - if you’re not happy with anything in a relationship can’t you just rectify it by talking. I don’t think ‘talking’ would be the direct approach in a situation regarding your sex life like Harvey and Alesha’s but he could have made gestures or showed her or even taught her – that relationship didn’t break down because of Alesha not pleasing Harvey enough, I just think he got greedy! He is the one that proposed to her, he’s the one that initiated thoughts of marriage (I read in an article somewhere that Alesha had no idea he was that serious about her), if he wasn’t ready to commit he shouldn’t have asked. I’m surprised really because he should have known that getting married would mean having sex with that one person for the rest of his life – someone sent him the wrong memo!!

Trey Songz sings ‘he just can’t get enough’… huh? I’m not saying I fully understand but I’m grasping that sex really has a hold on some guys… or is it not just the sex but the amount? That doesn’t even make sense… is it the sex with the number of women that is appealing? I really want to know! Yes, girls cheat but I think girls cheat for different reasons, the more I think about why guys cheat – I just always end up with the theory that it’s just the sex. Now if that is the reason, it’s a lame one! A guy could have the flyyest lady on his arm, a woman that every man wants but still ends up cheating à la Eric Benet and Halle Berry, David and Victoria Beckham (not every guy wants Victoria but hey…), Harvey and Alesha, Ashley Cole and Cheryl Cole (to be honest I don’t care about these two – but you get my drift).

If it is just the sex, is it impossible to get as much of it as you want from the woman you claim to love? I know women suddenly get ‘headaches’ when their men bring it up… lol… but really I know most women would do anything for their partners – so it must not be just about the sex then! If it’s about the chase, the fact that you might get caught, the deceit – I’m ashamed! When did we start doing deceitful things for pleasure? Thieves, liars, fraudsters get pleasure from deceitful actions but they’re scum… it’s not supposed to be that way – notice how when a man cheats, he always gets caught. Well, some men… some of you are getting smarter!! No, I’m playing… there are many guys who don’t cheat… give yourselves a pat on the back, you are appreciated! The bottom line is there is a reason why guys cheat… I don’t know what it is, but I want to find out. This isn’t some personal mission, please do not read between the lines, no one has cheated on me but its something that is happening frequently amongst friends and I just want to know why it happens. I have asked some of my male friends and their ‘don’t know why’ is becoming tiresome – so if you have a theory please share….

I’m not going to stop listening to ‘Last Time’… I can’t get enough… I’m going to add Trey Songz to my never ending list of potentials and just so you can appreciate what I’m talking about – the video is below. Enjoy!!

- Gabrielle